web3 music ideation workshop

Web 3 Ideation Workshop

A day at which creative minds from different disciplines gather to create novel concepts for useful products, services or applications in a Web3 music ecosystem. The best projects receive a grant of 5k to develop a prototype out of that idea.

Berlin Music Tech Meetup 11 at Despace

Berlin MusicTech Meetup #11

The overall topic is “The Unheard Of” which means that we have invited people who are going to shine light on a range of different music tech solutions that you probably haven’t heard of so far. From hardware to software to new services.

Berlin, Europe’s Music Tech Capital

Berlin Partner produced a great little video that highlights why Berlin is the Music Tech Capital of Europe. Berlin's music tech scene is both lively and internationally successful. The proximity ...
Tech Open Air 2018

TOA 2018

MusicTech Germany is a community partner of this year's Tech Open Air. Be there when the startup and creative scene meet in Berlin on June 20 and 21.

Sonar+d 2018

MusicTech Germany is an official partner of this year's sonar +D. We will be there with some of our members from June 14 to 17. Claudia Schwarz will also be ...
Future Music Camp

Future Music Camp 2018

At this year’s Future Music Camp, the annual event format of the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg which focuses on future challenges and opportunities of the music industry, Matthias Strobel, President of MusicTech …

FilmTech Office Berlin Opening

Opening Film Tech Office Berlin

FilmTech Co-Working Space opens on April 17 As music technology is used across all industries, it is important for us as an association to educate vertical industries about the possibilities …

Trondheim calling

Trondheim Calling

Trondheim Calling presents an exclusive session on Friday, February 2, for those who want to enter the world of music (technology) entrepreneurs. The session is organized in collaboration with the …

Save Collaborative Software Development

The European Commission has proposed a Copyright Directive which intends to address the challenges posed by some of the new forms of online content distribution along the value chain, which …

Slush Music

Slush Music is the northernmost conference and trade show for music, technology, and media in continental Europe. 20,000 people with a common interest in technology, media, and innovation gather at …