Girl on couch with silver helmet and headphones. Text says 3D Spatial Audio for XR, Meetup #10, MusicTech Berlin

Berlin MusicTech Meetup #10

We are happy to announce that we are back with the first in-person event in 2022.

This time, we have partnered with VRBB as the overall topic is 3D Spatial Audio for XR, and we are grateful that Berlin Partner will be with us as well who sponsors the event.

We invite you to explore the intersection between music and virtual worlds on April 7 at House of Music.
Come, and finally hang out again with other music tech folks and meet enthusiasts of virtual and mixed realities.

Sasha Pas from Playtronica with the Orbita instrument


© Karina Ekizler-Kirillova Created in 2014 to broaden a fresh path for musical education and to invent instruments from everyday life, Playtronica’s goal is to remodel the synergy between the ...
Berlin MusicTech Meetup Web.30

Berlin MusicTech Meetup #9 – Web 3.0

Berlin MusicTech Meetup #9 📢 !The #Berlin #MusicTech #Meetups are back! 🤝 We are super excited to finally announce the first in-person meetup since the pandemic has started. It's going ...


HearDis! make brands - and hence the experience they offer - audible. Specialized in merging human and artificial intelligence efforts to analyse companies’ corporate identity and translate their brand values ...
music on the blockchain workshop

Workshop “Music on the Blockchain”

⛓ NFTs AND DAOs FOR MUSIC, BEYOND THE HYPE ⛓ We are running a workshop series with Matteo Alessio Tambussi and Rob Stupay from the Ethereum Foundation for musicians and ...
Ereignsraum Berlin MusicTech Germany Reeperbahn Festival

Ereignisraum Berlin @ Reeperbahn Festival 2020

For this year’s Reeperbahn Festival, we curated the “Ereignisraum Berlin” with Büro Döring to bring you exciting and informative formats about “Music technology as a driver for innovation in music”.


This week’s “Member Of The Week” is Mazetools, a music creation software brand, focussed on experimental cross-platform audiovisual collaborations and distributed by Ectoplastic.

THe Future Of Music Meetup

The Future Of Music – A New Meetup Series

Networking x Talks x Expert Sessions x Masterclasses x Digital Playground The “Future of Music“ is an open and inclusive monthly meet-up format, initiated by MusicTech Germany and co-organized by …

mimi interview mtg

MEMBER OF THE WEEK: Mimi Hearing Technologies

This week’s “Member Of The Week” is Mimi Hearing Technologies, the world’s leading company in sound personalization for an optimized listening and hearing experience.

We talked with Philipp Skribanowitz, founder and CEO of Mimi and Andreas Berglind, Mimi’s Marketing Manager about their journey with Mimi and future plans.

mod devices team


This week’s “Member Of The Week” is MOD Devices. A company that has conceived a unique ecosystem for performing musicians that combines stage-ready computing platforms, open-source software and a social network to boost creative freedom.
We asked one of its founders Gianfranco Ceccolini a about his journey with MOD Decvices so far and what he would recommend other founders in musictech.

MEMBER OF THE WEEK: Soundbrenner

This week’s “Member Of The Week” is Soundbrenner. A company that develops and distributes music tools and solutions for musicians improvement. Their current main product is the Soundbrenner Pulse, a vibrating metronome that allows musicians to feel the beat. It works hand in hand with your metronome app (mobile and desktop) as well a body strap for positioning Soundbrenner Pulse on other parts of the body, e.g. on the chest of the musician.

We asked one of its founders Julian Vogels a few questions about his journey with Soundbrenner so far.

Stephan Baumann MusicTech Germany Member

MEMBER OF THE WEEK: Stephan Baumann

Our “Member Of The Week” this week is Dr. rer. nat. Stephan Baumann, PhD in music and AI research, passionate musician and sound artist and Germany’s leading researcher on AI for music at DFKI.