Berlin MusicTech Meetup #13 – Intelligent Instruments For Musical Expression

Four people in different couloured shirt sit on a rooftop in Berlin in front of a giantic synth watchin sunset over Berlin. All AI generated art

This time, we take a different angle to explore the potential of (artificial) intelligence for the creation of music. The main topic for the gathering of the Berlin Music Tech Community on June 20 at the legendary Riverside Studios will be Intelligent Instruments For Musical Expression.

Whether you are a musician, an artist in another craft, a music lover, an innovator or founder, a researcher, or just someone who wants to connect with the Berlin Music Tech community, this event is for you.

Watch presentations from people who have built musical instruments that take new and different approaches to open new horizons for musical expression.

Meet and connect with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds, network, share ideas, and enjoy having fun and free beer, sponsored by the great people from Algoriddim.

We are also very grateful that the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises provided us with some funding to make this event possible.

Let‘s come together again at the legendary Riverside Studios Berlin on Thursday, June 20 from 6.00 pm on.

There is no entrance fee. Like always but space is limited.

RSVP is closed now!


The presenters are going to share their journey, experiences, ideas, and projects for musical instruments they have built. Expect intelligent algorithms and neural networks embedded in musical instruments. But in a different way than this topic is discussed elsewhere 😉

1st Presenter: Gianfranco Ceccolini – Founder and CEO of MOD AUDIO
MOD is an audio processing platform for musicians, based on smart standalone devices that are powered by open-source technologies and supported by cloud services. The platform offers digital versions of all kinds of signal processing devices, ranging from guitar effects pedals to midi sequencers, and allows musicians to combine them as they wish, creating their own custom portable rigs.

Gianfranco will speak about how the platform is able to offer musicians a way to easily explore and create sounds for their instruments and how it can quickly absorb cutting-edge technologies like Neural Modeling and Convolution to improve the plugin offerings for musicians.

2nd Presenter: Julian Moreno Motta – AI Engineer at Birds on Mars
Julian will present the KI synthesizer, a project developed by the cross-media collective electronic ID in collaboration with Birds on Mars and Quandel Staudt Design. It enables users to patch multimedia signals into processors and machine learning models in a setting inspired by modular synthesizing, thus encapsulating the mission of electronic ID in an interactive user experience.
Julian will give a live demonstration and explain the technical and conceptual background of the project.

3rd Presenter: Achillefs Sourlas – Founder at axart software
He will present Autobeat/Untitled, a new MIDI plugin currently in its early stages of development. Autobeat/Untitled is a (MIDI) beat generator that accepts a user prompt in the form of a 9-track 2-bar step sequencer and, in turn, generates 8-bar beats that are based on that prompt. The generator part uses openAI’s GPT-2, an open-source version of the popular GPT large language model series, to recognize the music genre and generate the MIDI data.
The presentation will include a live demonstration of the project, as well as an introduction to the basic concepts and foundational elements behind it.

4th Presenter: Mark Moebius, Founder Nagual Sounds
Mark will present the latest developments of a sound engine that can translate any kind of data input into tonal musical structures in real-time. Opening up an entirely new way for music producers to compose interactive songs that react to sensor data input and a new way to engage with music for consumers.


Moderation: Matthias Strobel


Wall Of Opportunities

We will also set up the “Wall Of Opportunities”. A huge piece of paper, pinned to a wall on which you can leave a note if you are looking for a project partner or if you would like to offer your skills to others.


For Everyone

We aim to facilitate an event that is interesting to all of you. Whether you are only interested in learning more about new musical instruments or you consider actively engaging with new technology for musical expression or you just want to connect with the music tech community in Berlin.



Drinks are FREE. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsor Algoriddim. The DJ software and app for Mac, iPhone, IPad, Android, and Windows. Algoriddim developed the world’s first AI-based Digital Vinyl System (DVS) for mobile devices and has created the Neural Mix™ technology that allows DJs to play and remix singular elements from multiple tracks in real-time by isolating beats, instruments, and vocals of any song.



RSVP is closed now!

Space is very limited.

Frist come, first serve.


We look forward to having you!

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