Creative Community Innovation – Berlin Music Tech Meetup #16

Berlin Music Tech Meetup 16. 4.12.23 Forum Factory

This is the last music tech meetup event in 2023. Let’s hang out before the Christmas holidays and watch innovative projects made by the community.

This meetup will shine a light on creative projects from members of the Berlin Music Tech community. We will learn about prototypes, products in the making, and more.

Meet and connect with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds, network, share ideas, and enjoy having fun and free drinks.

We are grateful that the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises provided us with some funding for this event.

See you at Forum Factory on Monday, December 4 from 6.30 pm on.

Entry is free!


Doors Open: 6.30 pm

Presentations: 7.00  – 8.30 pm

  • Noah Pred: accessible Sonification Tools for creatives  and responsive AI for MIDI

  • Alaa Elhada : AI-powered music library management

  • Lori Baldwin: NEKRA, an interdisciplinary speculative-fiction project about AI in Late Capitalism and blockchain as a performative tool.

  • Dennis Walton: bü, a novel service that lets musicians and creators monetize their digital video content.

  • Thor Diogo Hagedorn: The dynamic interplay of virtual reality and live performances

Networking: 8.30 – 10 pm

Get your hands on Vinyl Reality and DJ on virtual turntables.

Entry is free. Beer is free. RSVP is Mandatory


    1st Presenter

    NOAH PRED – Multimedia artist, sound designer, record producer, BIMM lecturer, and Max for Live developer.
    He will show us his latest devices: a suite of accessible Sonification Tools for creatives to convert any data set into creative inspiration, as well as his take on responsive AI for MIDI with his “Generative Performance Transformer”, X-Ponder: a real-time musical chatbot.

    2nd Presenter

    Alaa Elhada CEO DJOID
    Alaa will introduce Djoid, an AI-powered music library management software designed for DJs, Record labels, and Music curators.
    DJs are inundated with an overwhelming immense amount of music audio files. The sheer volume of content creates a huge challenge for DJs in terms of file management, music curation, and gig preparation. DJOID emerges as a solution to streamline the process of music management and curation for performing artists. Alaa will delve into DJOID’s core functionalities and explain how AI algorithms are intricately woven into the software to offer a seamless workflow and experience for curation. This talk is tailored for music tech enthusiasts, especially DJs, music producers, and anyone interested in music curation.

    3rd Presenter

    Dennis Walton – Founder of bü
    Dennis created bü as a novel service for video content. büene lets musicians and creators monetize their digital content – live events, on-demand videos, masterclasses, products, and services – on their own terms from day one, a place where you can watch curated content and your favorite music concerts live from the comfort of your couch. 

    4th Presenter

    Lori Baldwin – Interdisciplinary Performance Artist
    Baldwin’s current work is centered around NEKRA, a humanoid bot that brings humanity face to face with their deepest existential questions. In her lab, performance, music, neuroscience, blockchain, and AI meet to explore (im)mortality. The project bridges art and research, with the development and training of an AI model running in tandem with the artistic output.  As AI gains access to language it gains access to culture. Both aesthetically and conceptually, NEKRA synthesizes the identity of the artist with AI, as human creativity grapples with its future collaborator, or its replacement.

    5th Presenter

    Thor Diogo Hagedorn – CMO Granola Studios, Co-Founder Diasporic Arts Alliance
    In his presentation, Thor will share his experiences as a curator in the live music game Yabal, along with insights from his visits to VRChat parties and concerts. He will delve into the dynamic interplay of virtual reality and live performances, illustrating how these platforms are reshaping the landscape of interactive entertainment. Additionally, he will explore the fusion of digital and physical realms, offering a unique perspective on the evolving world of virtual concerts and social gatherings in VR spaces.

    DJ in VR

    Tycho Terryn will set up Vinyl Reality.
    “Master the art of DJing in VR! Vinyl Reality is the most authentic and realistic simulation of DJing with vinyl available for VR. Load and play your own tracks on a complete and fully functional vinyl DJ setup.”


    A big piece of paper, pinned to a wall with space for everyone to leave a note. Make use of it if you are looking for a project partner or if you want to offer your own skills and services.



    Whether you are interested in learning more about music, new technology, AI, entrepreneurship in music tech, or if you just want to hang with the local Berlin music tech community, this event is for you.



    is FREE. 😉


    RSVP is mandatory. Space is limited.

      We look forward to hanging out with you!

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