Berlin MusicTech Meetup #12 – AI and Musical Creativity

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This first event of 2023 finally brings us all together again. Whether you are an artist or music lover curious about the latest tech developments in the music sector, a tech innovator or founder looking for potential partners, a researcher seeking inspiration for your next project, or just interested to connect with the Berlin music tech community, this event is for you.

Witness presentations from experts at the intersection of AI and music who will share their insights, ideas, and projects. These presentations will provide a glimpse into the future of music-making and the sheer endless opportunities for music and AI.

Meet and connect with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds, network, share ideas, and enjoy having fun and free drinks (thanks Jamahook).

For this event, we have partnered with AI Monday and Berlin Partner, Kiez.AI and DfKI and we are super grateful that the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises provided us with some funding to make this event possible.

Let‘s hang out again at House of Music on Monday, March 20 from 6.30 pm on.

We are going to shine some light on the super buzzword AI and actual use cases for this technology in combination with music. The presenters will talk about their different perspectives on the topic and how they see the potential of artificial intelligence for music in the future.

1st Presenter: Dr. Jean Simonnet – Data Scientist and Co-inventor of The Jam Machine
The-Jam-Machine is a source of inspiration for beginner or more proficient musicians. Based on a GPT (Generative Pretrained-Transformer) architecture, and trained on the text transcriptions of about 5000 MIDI songs, it can generate harmonious MIDI sequences. Dr. Jean Simonnet will talk about the process of building this tool, why he and his researcher and developer friends came up with it and how it can be used by any musician. You can check the App on HuggingFace with which you can generate 8 bars of downloadable MIDI music with up to 3 instruments playing in harmony.

2nd Presenter: Thomas Haferlach – Senior Machine Learning Specialist at Pixelynx, Artist and Founder of Pollinations.AI
Thomas Haferlach is an artist and researcher at the intersection of technology, art, and music. He has been exploring the use of AI in music and has created the platform Pollinations.AI, which aims to democratize access to AI-generated art. In his presentation, Thomas will talk about how Pollinations.AI works, how it can be used by artists to create music videos, and how it opens up new possibilities for creating completely new forms of music videos. He will showcase examples of music videos created using Pollinations.AI and discuss the potential for artists to use the platform to generate new creative ideas.

3rd Presenter: Hanna Lukashevich – Head of Semantic Music Technologies at Fraunhofer IDMT
AI for music analysis: let music describe itself: A lot of information about music is contained in the music itself. We used AI systems to automatically analyze and describe pieces of music by having the AI systems recognize and classify features such as genre, mood, tempo, key, and instrumentation. This allows music libraries to be better organized, recommendation systems to be improved, and music production to be automated.

4th Presenter: Sebastian Zimmermann — AI Expert at Birds on Mars
Sebastian presents the KI synthesizer, a project developed by the cross-media collective electronic ID in collaboration with Birds on Mars and Quandel Staudt Design. It enables users to patch multimedia signals into processors and machine learning models in a setting inspired by modular synthesizing, thus encapsulating the mission of electronic ID in an interactive user experience. Sebastian will give a live demonstration and explain the technical and conceptual background of the project.

Moderator: Matthias Strobel

Wall Of Opportunities
We will also set up the “Wall Of Opportunities”. A huge piece of paper, pinned to a wall on which you can leave a note if you are looking for a project partner or if you would like to offer your skills to others.

For Everyone
We aim to facilitate an event that is interesting to all of you. Those who may have only heard buzzwords about Artificial Intelligence as well as those who consider actively engaging with this technology for sound and music.

Drinks are FREE. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsor Jamahook. The Swiss startup has developed the world’s first and only sound-matching AI. Their plugin functions as an assistant for music producers, helping them to work more efficiently and to serve as inspiration during their creative processes.

We look forward to having you!