Berlin MusicTech Meetup #9 – Web 3.0

Berlin MusicTech Meetup Web.30

Berlin MusicTech Meetup #9

📢 !The #Berlin #MusicTech #Meetups are back! 🤝
We are super excited to finally announce the first in-person meetup since the pandemic has started.

It’s going to happen on Sept. 14 and we will host it in collaboration with Musicpoolberlin at House of Music.

The overall topic for this edition is The Future Of Interaction With Music – NFTs, DAOs, and the decentralized web.

We won’t have the usual 15-minute talks this time. Instead, we are super happy to host an interactive discussion with experts like Matt Dryhurst and Oscar Atanga who will shine light on the opportunities for music on the next iteration of the web. Everyone in the room is invited to ask questions. Think of it as an open AMA. 😉

After the conversation, there will be drinks and music with enough time to meet and mingle.

We will also set up the “Wall Of Opportunities” on which you can leave a note if you are looking for a project partner or if you would like to offer your skills to others.

We look forward to reconnecting with you.

Due to corona restrictions and the space, the number of attendees is limited. In order to attend the meetup, please fill out this mandatory form.

Meet with the global music tech community and and join us on Tuesday, September 14, 6 pm CET.

It’s free!