Claudia Schwarz selected for Keychange

Claudia Schwarz, vice president of MusicTech Germany, was selected from 1,300 applicants to participate in the Keychange program. Keychange is a groundbreaking international initiative led by the PRS Foundation to …

Musikdialog Hamburg

Representatives of the German music industry and technology providers were invited by the governing mayor of Hamburg, Olaf Scholz, to the Musikdialog Hamburg to discuss how music is discovered, purchased, …


Reeperbahn Festival 2017

The VUT Indie Days at this year’s Reepeerbahn Festival 2017 discussed with Kristine Bjørnstad (Ingrooves Music Group), Sammy Andrews, (Deviate Digital), Peter Harris, (Resonate), Matthias Strobel (MusicTech Germany) and Eric …

MusicTech Barbecue

Before the great summer break begins, we invite you to a relaxed MusicTech Barbecue to talk about new music technologies and visions of the future.