Web 3 Ideation Workshop

web3 music ideation workshop

Ideation Workshop For Music In Web 3

MusicTech Germany x despace are bringing you a Web3 music ideation workshop. Its aim is to bring people from different areas of the music and tech scenes together for a day at despace, where the attendees will form teams to create novel concepts for useful products, services, or applications in a blockchain-driven music ecosystem all related to music/audio.

Innovation flourishes when people from different disciplines connect and put their minds together. With this in mind, the teams that comes up with the most interesting concept on that day will be given an opportunity to receive a 5.000 EUR grant to turn that idea into a working prototype on the Tezos blockchain. Winning a grant will also enable access to the Tezos ecosystem, not to mention despace’s community space for Tezos builders.

After an introduction from TZ Connect about the capabilities of the Tezos Blockchain, everyone is invited to talk about their ideas and form teams with other people in the room.

The teams will then spend the day turning those ideas into detailed written concepts which will be presented at the end of the Ideation Camp.


As streaming continues to power the music industry’s growth, and as the overall use of licensed music and production of user-generated content have reached an all-time high, some of the industry’s most complex challenges are still the same as they were from the very beginning: Reassurance of reliable, current and accessible documentation of copyright and ownership for artists, rights owners, and their advocates, as well as music licensees. Contracts between intermediaries in the music ecosystem are intransparent and artists are struggling to live from their music due to the unfair payout systems of streaming providers. 

Since the value chain of music is driven by technological solutions today more than ever. Inevitably the music ecosystem will keep changing and new solutions will rise from the bottom up, initiated by creative and passionate innovators.

With the introduction of blockchain technology and its broader adoption, new opportunities to create a brighter and fairer future music ecosystem are now looming on the horizon.

Even though still in its infancy, Blockchain technology presents interesting policy issues related to registering and monetizing intellectual property, policing, piracy, and creating and executing more flexible contracts between and among members in the music supply chain, among others. Automated smart contracts hold the potential to open doors for new artist-centric products, services, and applications.


Everyone who is interested in creating ideas and concepts for products, services, and applications for the music ecosystem in Web 3.0 is invited to participate. No matter if you work in the music business, you are an artist, designer, developer, or just someone with an idea for a music solution on web3 that you always wanted to build a prototype for.

13:00 – Open doors
13:30 – Introduction TZ Connect, Tezos Blockchain
14:00 – Idea Pitching and teams creation
18:00 – Concept Presentation and drinks
End of the evening

Since space is limited, we kindly ask you to RSVP here.

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