Roundtable Music meets Tech

Partnership with the VUT-Association of Independent music companies for open dialogue with the music industry

The workshop/roundtable will be held on Tuesday, 7. November 2017 from 10:00-13:30 pm in the HdpK1, Potsdamer Straße 188, 10783 Berlin. Participation is free of charge. Sign up here.

Music companies have always had to come to terms with technological change. In recent years, increasingly easy access to technology has accelerated the development of new applications and thus has a fundamental impact on the production, distribution and consumption of music. Traditional business models no longer work as they used to, and classic music industry players have often found it difficult to keep up with the digital transformation, often leaving the industry perplexed and dissatisfied. Structures and ways of thinking that have grown over decades are often difficult to reconcile with today’s understanding and treatment of artists and consumer expectations. For technology companies, on the other hand, it’s a mammoth task to gain understanding and comrades-in-arms for their ideas and approaches to solutions: The licensing of music in particular often fails due to the highly complex structure of rights administration. On the tech side, there is often a lack of knowledge and understanding of the dynamics within the industry and the traditional economic value chain of the music industry.

The joint VUT and MusicTech Germany roundtable at the MW:M # labs on 7.11. is intended to promote dialogue between the two sides and contribute to greater mutual understanding and cooperation. The panel on the following day at 2:55 p.m. at the MW:M#Convention will provide an opportunity to reflect on the results of the work and further open the discussion to artists and conference topics. Panelists will be chosen from among the roundtable participants.

The inner circle of participants will include: Lisa Riepe (Zebralution) / Flea von Löhneysen-Hoefl (Embassy of Music and Guerilla Music Promotion) / Marion Fiedler (CAZ) / Tine Theurich (SUPERUNKNOWN) / Bettina Schasse de Araujo and Frank Schumacher (Muwistar) / Alex von Harsdorf (Groupify) / Irene Erhard and Martin Beinicke (Soundnotation) / Stefan Wittich (MusicDNA).
Moderation: Ronny Krieger (VUT) and Matthias Strobel (MusicTech Germany).

If you want to join this workshop/roundtable in the outer circle, please register here:
(Lab participants get 50% discount on the ticket for the MW:M #Convention on Wednesday).