Berlin MusicTech Meetup #11

Berlin Music Tech Meetup 11 at Despace


The very long summer of 2022 is now officially over and since it didn’t work out to find an open-air location for a summer meetup, this event is overdue.
For this edition, we are collaborating with TZ Connect who invited us to their great facility “despacein Kreuzkölln.

This event is a special one for two reasons.

  1. The overall topic is “The Unheard Of” which means that we have invited people who are going to shine light on a range of different music tech solutions that you probably haven’t heard of so far. From hardware to software to new services.
  2. This meetup also serves as a kind of kick-off for an “Ideation Camp” that we are hosting together with TZ Connect on the following Saturday (Oct.8). The goal is to bring together people from different areas of the music and tech sector for one day to form teams who will then create novel concepts for actually useful products, services or applications in a blockchain-driven music ecosystem. TZ Connect will also provide access to their community of developers and designers to help shaping the concepts. And because ideas alone won’t bring any change, the best concepts will get a 5.000 Euro grant to develop a prototype on the Tezos Blockchain.
    Please RSVP HERE if you would like to join the Ideation Camp. More info at the meetup!

This meetup will start with three presentations which will show the broad variety of music tech.

Adam Ferns, founder of Idoru, recording artist as A.D. Mana
Today, many musicians need to play audio backing tracks when performing. They also use MIDI to control other gear, like drum machines, amps, effects, and lights. They typically use their laptops and accessories to do so, but our computers are often unreliable, expensive, fragile, and can be slow to set up.
Musician and designer Adam Ferns talks about his personal struggle trying to combine live instruments and electronic music on-stage as a performer, and how it led him to create the hardware backing track player he always wished had existed.

Grigory Fatyanov, CEO, House of Culture “Masterskaya” Kyiv, Ukraine
With over 15 years of experience in the music industry, Grigory has gone through all the stages. From a junior artist manager at a music label, a booking manager and organizer of club gigs and festivals, to the director of two companies with more than 20 people that work on 360-degree music management, music publishing, synchronization, and work with commercial brands and so on.
House of Culture “Masterskaya” was founded by the famous Ukrainian musician and producer Ivan Dorn. In 2021, they launched the first “MusicTech Weekend” (including a hackathon) in Ukraine, which was aimed at finding young start-ups that could fill their niche in the future and move the industry forward. Grigory will tell us about the projects that came out of the hackathon and other interesting music tech startups that you probably haven’t heard of so far. 😉

Noah Pred – Canadian generative audio-visual artist, Max for Live developer, Juno Award-nominated electronic producer, educator, sound designer, and writer.
Following his Eschatonality project – a real-time generative, virtual, interactive, audio-visual piece for Refraction Festival and despace – music producer and Max for Live developer Noah Pred will share how the demands of generative world-building projects accelerate creative development in a positive feedback loop that guides new tooling.

As always, we will spend the rest of the evening having drinks and hanging out with other like-minded people.


Wall Of Opportunities
We will set up the “Wall Of Opportunities”. A huge piece of paper, pinned to a wall on which you can leave a note if you are looking for a project partner or if you would like to offer your skills to others.

Try out “Tree of Keys”, the latest interactive instrument from Andrew Hockey, a capacitive touch-based instrument made from antique keys, conductive thread, and a Raspberry Pi running an embedded synthesizer patch.

Thanks to the generosity of TZ Connect, there will be free drinks.

Open For Everyone
We aim to facilitate an event that is interesting to all of you. No matter if you are an artist, music industry pro, geek, or just someone who wants to learn about music tech and engage with the community here in Berlin.

Since space is limited, please RSVP here!

Let’s come together, get inspired, and make new and meet old friends.

See you on Oct 6, 2022 at 6.30 pm at Despace.

We look forward to having you!