Music Producer Co-working @ Noisy Academy

Our friends at Noisy Academy set up a co-working space for music producers. If you are looking for a cool, creative environment to produce music without the hassle of bringing your equipment along, or if you write your thesis and you are looking for a place for it, or even if if you don’t have any experience with electronic music production at all but you would love to give it a shot without buying all the equipment yourself, in any case, this is your place to go to.

Noisy Academy offers a great opportunity to rent flexible working spaces, all stuffed with brand-new iMacs, USB-Audio Interfaces, an APC 40 plus a MIDI-Keyboard, and headphones. You can basically use the full scope of the Noisy Academy programs and rent a workplace by the day, week, or even month to get crazy in their MacLab. In addition, they offer a great variety of cool drinks and selected snacks.

When: Every working day from 11 am7 pm
Where: Warschauer Straße 70A, 10243 Berlin

If you have any questions, shoot them an email.