Berlin MusicTech Meetup #10

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3D Spatial Audio for XR

We are happy to announce that we are back with the first in-person event in 2022.

This time, we have partnered with VRBB as the overall topic is 3D Spatial Audio for XR, and we are grateful that Berlin Partner will be with us as well who sponsors the event.

We invite you to explore the intersection between music and virtual worlds on April 7 at House of Music.
Come, and finally hang out again with other music tech folks and meet enthusiasts of virtual and mixed realities.

Why 3D Spatial Audio for XR?
Emerging technologies such as VR/AR/XR will continue to rise and impact the way we interact and communicate with each other in the hybrid and digital world. Most of the focus in extended reality applications has been on creating visually immersive experiences. However, the visual aspect is only one component for creating real immersive experiences. Audio is just as important.

The concept of 3D spatial audio has been around for a long time and encompasses several different audio types. The goal of 3D spatial audio is to convincingly place sounds in a three-dimensional space so that the user perceives the sounds as coming from real physical objects in their virtual experience. Unlike stereo audio, in spatial audio, the sound is locked in space rather than to your head. This allows you to move around the virtual world and the sound will remain locked spatially to the surroundings. This opens up entirely new and exciting opportunities for artists to produce and perform music as well as for users to experience music.

Come and join us for inspiring presentations and meet like-minded people. Leave a not on our Wall of Opportunities or find your next project, co-founder, etc. on it. Immerse yourself in one of the VR installtions and enjoy free drinks as long as they last. 😉

See you on April 7, 2022 at 6.30 pm at House of Music.