Matthias Strobel

Founder & President MusicTech Germany. CEO of  innovation catalyst for creative technologies WickedWork and expert in ecosystem development.

Matthias Strobel is President MusicTech Germany and Germany’s main point of contact for music technology. His network of musictech entrepreneurs, industry executives and researchers, and his connections to (inter)national policy makers, media representatives and multi-disciplinary artists make him one of Europe’s renowned experts in that area.

Matthias has co-founded the international recognized and multiple awarded music-tech company Nagual Sounds in 2011. He conceptualized and realized unique interdisciplinary art projects for humanitarian causes with his Social Startup ZwischenWerk and started the project Creative Coding School to teach socially disadvantaged people skills in emerging technologies. His passion for music and the great opportunities of new technologies led him to join Music Tech Fest in summer 2016 for which he worked until he founded MusicTech Germany in 2017, the world’s first association for music technology.

Matthias Strobel fosters the knowledge transfer between visionaries from all intersections of the creative industries and serves as a consultant, mentor and independent innovation manager to help accelerate avant-garde approaches from entrepreneurs and startups.

Determined to further the innovative potential – and thus future success – of artists, he uses his experience and leverages his network to help create the music ecosystem of tomorrow. He passionately works towards improving the overall access to information about innovation, the creative environment of the music (tech) industry and its underlying economic infrastructure.

In addition to these activities, Matthias Strobel runs the creativetech innovation catalyst WickedWork with which he realizes projects that enable cross-sectoral innovation and adaption of research within the creative industries and beyond.

Matthias has spoken at conferences around the world sharing his experiences and expertise on several topics, all collected under the overarching thought to finding new ways to make music experiences more accessible and information on research and innovation better available.
His talks range from cross-sector innovation opportunities through access to emerging technologies and the potential of music technology to challenges within vertical industries and opportunities for founders and investors in the field of music technology.

Matthias is associated with music since he started playing the piano at the age of five and got accepted at the world’s leading boys choir at the time “The Regensburger Domspatzen” when he was eight years old. Although, he doesn’t play piano anymore or sings but when he finds the time, he enjoys collaborating with other artists to create participatory art and music projects and interactive, multi-sensory installations.

Based in:
Berlin, Germany

Area Of Expertise:
Music Technology | Ecosystem Building | Innovation Management | Collaborations Across Verticals | New Media Technologies | Businsess Communicationss | Creative Technologies | Startup And Business Development.

Music Technolology – Research Adaption – Diversity And Inclusion Through Technology – Multi-disciplinary Art Projects – Innovation Management – Generative Music And Art – Application Fields For Emerging Technologies – Entrepreneurship in Musictech – Rethinking Copyright Considering Future Technologies Building The Music Ecosystem Of Tomorrow.

Topics For Talks:
Blurring Lines – Music in verticals * The Forgotten Audience – Benefits Of Better Access To Music (Experiences) * The Potential Of Cross-sectoral Collaborations And Why We Should Join Forces * The History and Future Of A Technology-driven Music Ecosystem * The Power Of Research Adaption In the Creative Industries * Open Spaces For Creative Expression As Accelerator For Innovation * The Importance Of Ecosystems and Access To Information * We Developed The Future Musical Format But We Were To Much Ahead Of The Time – A Personal Founders Story in MusicTech.