CreativeTech Grant SXSW 2019 Recipients

These are the artists and startups who were selected by a jury of experts to receive a CreativeTech Grant as financial support to (partially) cover production costs and/or travel expenses in order to attend this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW 2019) in Austin, Texas (USA).

The recepients will showcase their products, services or artworks at the German Haus at SXSW on the 12th and 14th of March 2019.


(in alphabetical order)


by Evelyn Hribersek

The Mixed Reality Experience EURYDIKE questions current gender topics focusing on the female role in our hightech society. With protection suit and VR glasses singleplayer immerse into a retrofuturistic universe and can give EURYDIKE back her lost voice.
Behind EURYDIKE is the multiple awarded visionary Evelyn Hribersek. Her speciality are extraordinary experiences at the boarders of art, games, and hightech affecting body and soul, uniting a bride audience from highculture to mainstream.

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by Laura Kriefmann

Kicking the Mic fuses live tap dance, looping and a sound reactive LED dress in a multi-sensory show.
The rhythmical sounds of Tap are turned simultaneously into samples of different instruments, from outes to cellos to tablas. Laura Kriefman loops and layers these sounds live, creating danced compositions, which are then layered with her exquisite vocals- all whilst wearing an LED dress that lights up and changes colour to the live sounds creating a visual score to the music and dance.

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by Münchner Science & Fiction Festival

 Juliana Petrozhitskaya & Andrey Vrady are a digital artists duo living in Leipzig. Andrey graduated from Moscow Institute of Modern Arts, the Graphic Design Department. Andrey became a member of the International Art Fund, the Graphic Department in 1996 and a member of the Moscow Unions of Artists, the Graphic Department in 2006.

For SXSW 2019 they are creating an artwork “MOOD OF THE FESTIVAL”  that shows the dialogue between people and technology. How technology perceives human beings and how through the lens of the artists computational code the emotions of people might look as art.

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by Martine-Nicole Rojina

SISTER MOON is a global project, which aims to reactivate our human relationship with the universe and elevates space awareness by empowering a meaningful conversation with our closest celestial compagnion: The Moon. Invited to submit one sentence addressed to Sister Moon and reflecting back to Earth using moon bounce technology, Earthlings all around the globe communicate with space. Thans to a collaboration between MPATHY, CAMRAS and the Dwingeloo Radio telescope.

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by Susanne Steinmassl

My work THE FUTURE IS NOT UNWRITTEN is a Smart Film about ArtiQcial Intelligence and Transhumanism. An intelligent Film which narrates and transforms itself endlessly, using machine learning and deep learning code. Implemented algorithms – used by GOOGLE to create AI – are utilized to explore the gigantic dimension of current developments.
Are we developing into „Ubermenschen“, into „Super-Humans“ or are we getting rid of ourselves? Ethical categories or historical blueprints are missing: there is no case study on the abolition of mankind.

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by Daniel Sabio

MELD is a conceptual VR+BMI audiovisual performance. Utilizing a Muse headband and an HTC Vive, the performer composes and modulates the audio in real time in virtual reality, while sharing the output of his brainwaves via a procedurally generated 3D world built in Unity game engine.

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(in alphabetical order)


by Eugen L. Gross

aiconix capitalizes on AI and machine learning in the field of content creation. The unique aiconix software bundles the most innovative and cutting edge AI products available on the market in order to help media producers to create better content more efficiently.

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by Max Sacker, Ioulia Isserlis

AnotherWorld VR is a young and dynamic Berlin based VR content production studio with a background in filmmaking that creates photorealistic and exciting VR experiences with an emphasis on storytelling, cinematic aesthetics and immersive gaming interactivity.

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by Ben Fawkes

The Institute for Sound and Music is the world’s first public institution dedicated to the culture of Sound, Immersive Art, and Electronic Music, based in Berlin.
To bridge a gap in the current art and cultural landscape, where the medium of sound is under represented as an art form, ISM proposes the development of a space designed fornurturing the disciplines of sound and music. Berlin, a city with increasing status as the world’s epicenter of sound technology, deserves a lasting institution. The ISM will be built to preserve sound as a living heritage, as well as sustaining the development of contemporary sound and immersive art practices. This institution will demonstrate that sound can play as much of a role in everyday life as visual architecture, through discourse, research, cultivation and presentation.

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by Justin Michael La Vallee, Tobias Wagner, Steven Schwalbe, Steve Patuta

Q is a boutique Music, Mixing and Sound Branding think tank in the heart of East Berlin. They have created music for Guillermo Del Toro, Sound Design for Steven Spielberg and Sound Branding for Audi.

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by Esther Zahn

Esther Zahns The JACKET is individually designed for a musician. And it’s a wearable MIDI controller.
The exclusive feature: textile capacitive sensors invisibly integrated into the jacket fabric react to touch. Rhythms and melodies can be controlled via the software interface and sent as light impulses to other garments. The jacket communicates wirelessly with the Ableton music software. The plugin makes it possible to have different stage outfits communicate with each other – the interaction is magical for the viewer.
In the exhibition, musicians can experience the jacket live and create their own sets.

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The CreativeTech Grant is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, Department of Cultural and Creative Industries (BMWi) and Initiative Musik in cooperation with German Haus, MusicTech Germany and WickedWork.