MusicTech Germany is the Federal Association for Music-Technology in Germany. It represents the common interests of hardware and software developers, research institutions, and service providers in the field of music technology that pioneer innovation to meet the challenges of the music value chain in the digital age.

The members of MusicTech Germany are as diverse as the industry itself. Members are startups and corporates, artists and makers, event organizers and curators, developers and designers, manufacturers and service providers, as well as business, education, and research experts.


At the core of its mission: Promoting collaboration and bridging the communication and knowledge gap between the traditional music industry and music tech pioneers.

The association seeks to promote the joint interests of its members and to support innovators in fulfilling their mission by initiating interactive multi-disciplinary events and by communicating with and counseling inter/national policymakers, industry executives, media representatives, as well as artists, music enthusiasts, and the general public.

As an independent organization, MusicTech Germany is the main point of contact for music technology in Germany. It connects the dots for its members who address the challenges of the music industry value chain in the digital age: Ranging from notation and production software to musical instruments and interfaces, from streaming platforms to Blockchain services and Artificial Intelligence applications to new live experiences and ticketing solutions.

Furthermore, the association fosters knowledge transfer between visionaries from all intersections of the creative industries. It serves as a mediator and independent catalyst to help accelerate avant-garde approaches, determined to further the innovative potential and future success of artists and pioneers by improving the creative environment and underlying economic infrastructure.