The privately recognized SRH University of Popular Arts (HDPK) offers a competent and promising response to the diverse requirements of the cultural and creative industries. Current study programs include Bachelor’s programmes in media design, media management, music production, creative industries management, music and audio design, and master’s programmes in experiential communication and media psychology.

With its own music studios, a Hörkino, a photo studio, its own radio studio and several design studios, the HDPK guarantees professional working conditions and a high degree of practical experience. The hdpk belongs to the SRH, a foundation of civil law based in Heidelberg.

An important aspect of studying at the HDPK is the network of the five Bachelor’s programmes in music production, audio design, media management, media design and creative industries. Students can gain experience for the post-graduate period when it comes to asserting yourself in cooperation with clients and partners.

In the Bachelor programme Audio Design at the HdpK, students create immersive sound worlds, 3d acoustics for games and sound logos for innovative brands (sound branding). They recreate data acoustically (sonification). The students acquire musical-creative as well as medial-audio competencies. The main instrument and work center is the laptop as a universal sound generator, composition tool, arrange tool & digital mixer.

Location: Berlin
Field of expertise: Study programmes in audio design and music production
Contact persons in the association: Prof. Marco Kuhn