Founded in 2012, MediaApes acts as a pacemaker, driver of innovation, and process consultant. The immersive creative agency thinks digital transformation and lives virtual worlds.

MediaApes is a team of creative people developing adventure concepts today that will shape the consciousness of people tomorrow. The focus is on cutting-edge technologies such as VR, AR, and 3D audio. The guiding vision is: Future becomes reality if it is conceived of under the premise of time-to-market. Operating at the interface between science and business, MediaApes brings together researchers and innovators from the music and other creative industries. As MediaApes pursues a global strategy, it is deliberately conceived of as a fluid, vibrant network of experts and specialists.

With the MediaApes 3Daudio realtime system „Auralite3D“ licensed partner are able to create high resolution immersive experiences. Production & delivery of „acoustic reality“ in perfection.

Expertise: Song-writing | Sound logos | Music | 3D Audio | Virtual Reality | 360 Video Apps

Location: Neustadt/Weinstraße

Company representative in the association: Sebastian Gsuck


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