FeedBeat is an innovative platform for digital and hybrid stage performances.
With FeedBeat, event organizers can extend their auditorium into the digital space. Unique features, such as audience visualization and latency-free communication, enable strong interaction and true live feeling for actors and the audience.
FeedBeat approaches the topic of digital live events in a new and fresh way and thus inspires viewers, artists, and organizers.
As an initiative of artists and computer scientists, the FeedBeat team develops innovative solutions for more audience participation, in favor of the experience and the artists. Interactive, live, and fair.

FeedBeat won the award “digital music cultures for innovative concert formats” by NRW Kultur.

Area of expertise: Interactive stage performance

Location: Krefeld

Representative in the association: Petra Krieger-Pleus

Homepage: https://feedbeat.io/

FeedBeat Logo