Ectoplastic is a company for experimental audiovisual applications. One focus is the development of interactive audio environments, VR & game audio, visual and sound design.

With the beginning of the Mazetools development in 2011, the two founders Stephan Kloss and Jakob Gruhl crossed borders at the areas of new media art and music technology. In 2017 they released Mazetools Soniface 1.0, Soniface, a versatile multi-media instrument to create soundscapes in a moving geometric sphere, make beat sketches, incorporate sounds to audio sceneries, utilize audiovisual effects by multi-touch. It offers new ways to song concepts, compositions or audiovisual performances.

Since that, many explorations did follow with version 2.0 in April 2019: ranging from multiple projection methods, spatial audio to motion tracking.

As the work on Soniface is still in progress, Ectoplastic also realizes projects in VR contexts and collaborative environments as well as for digital music education and intercultural musical collaborations.

Area Of Expertise: experimental apps, interactive audio, design

Location: Halle, Leipzig

Company Representative: Jakob Gruhl