ArtistConnect was founded as a content creator in the music industry. The three co-founders Oliver Nowak, Matti Schmidt, and Loris Lange grew up with Berlin’s art & culture. The Berlin music world was their passion. Their buddies were artists. Their classroom was a recording studio. Their free time was music. However, they lacked a medium that reported on the music industry. Too rarely were interviews with artists & producers recorded. Too rarely were current events in the music business written about. That’s why they decided to take on this task and inspire people with entertainment & news from the music industry. Through their work in the music industry, the three founders became aware of a problem in music production, which they solve today with their platform.

Since 2019, ArtistConnect challenges the status quo in hip hop and the music industry on a daily basis. Together with producers & artists, the music brand ArtistConnect develops innovative solutions for the hip-hop industry and creates the sound of tomorrow.


Area of expertise: Sample Placing, Sample Picking, Beat production, Hip Hop, Music Charts.

Location: Berlin

Representative in the association: Loris Lange


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