Felix Haaksman

Managing Director at HearDis!. Expert in media technolgy, IP and music supervision on audio-visual works for brands .

Felix Haaksman has been overseeing HearDis! business strategies and operations since launching the company in 2005. As Managing Director, Felix boasts an ability to lead successful turnarounds while maintaining firm direction toward long-term objectives.

His focus and tenacity are invaluable to nurture an organisational infrastructure that enables individual growth for the HearDis! team and that unlocks opportunities for the company to thrive as a whole.

Felix stepped into the music world early on, first by diving into creating and producing music, where a DJ career led him to cross paths with future HearDis! co-Founder Robin Hofmann. Around the same time, Felix pursued an engineering degree in Media Technology where his passion for Audio Branding unfolded.

He next swiftly mastered skills in the sector by supervising music on audio-visual works for esteemed brands. His long-lasting experience as an executive music producer and supervisor together with his entrepreneurial profile to steer resources makes of Felix a hands-on leader renowned for his intellect around IP and inception of new business ventures across the music, media and technology domains.

Based in:
Berlin, Germany

Area Of Expertise:
Audio Branding | Music Business | Music Supervision | Music Production | Music Copyright | Media Technology

Making Brands audibly Distinctive and Memorable – Music Technology & Branding – Research & Innovation in Music for Marketing – Innovation in Production Music.

Topics For Talks:
Turning Brands into Music * Crafting the Sound of Brands * The New Shape of Audio Branding * Point of Sales turns into Point of Experience * The Future of Audio Branding * The Future of Retail * Brand-fit Music for the Next Level Experience.

Talk summary: Brands are shifting from product-centric to customer-centric, from efficiency to flexibility, from optimisation to inspiration. But what role do big data, algorithms, analytics and other AI and tech innovations play in creating customer experiences that are engaging, personalised and impactful? In a digital economy that increasingly demands for creativity and technology to harmoniously and effectively coexist, HearDis! is the Audio Branding pioneer that – at the intersection of Music, Marketing and Artificial Intelligence – possesses the necessary know-how and assets to boost brands’ creative endeavours in delivering singular experiences beyond current imagining.