Robin Hofmann

Creative Director at HearDis! and leading expert in the fields of future of retail, brand experience, AI & creativity and in-store music

As Creative Director at HearDis!, Robin powers the company’s core business – Audio Branding. He is a relentless visionary and a natural out-the-box thinker committed to deliver singular solutions.

Robin is a music enthusiast at heart with an extensive know-how of the music industry topped by an appreciation of communication design applied to marketing strategies of global brands. In 2005, he co-founded HearDis! together with Felix Haaksman and secured enduring relationships with high end clients such as Hugo Boss, Mercedes-Benz, Vitra, Mykita, Birkenstock, Porsche Design and more.

A multifaceted expert, Robin is a versatile leader able to promptly foresee and adapt to industry trends: Robin framed the genesis of EU-funded R&D project ABC_DJ and currently devises novel business ideas that implement the project’s groundbreaking tools in order to elevate audio branding standards.

Recognised today as an expert in the fields of future of retail, brand experience, AI & creativity and in-store music, Robin is regularly invited to speak at international industry events and conferences and to host workshops for companies or seminars at specialised educational institutions.

Based in:
Stuttgart, Germany

Area Of Expertise:
Audio Branding | In-Store Music Technology | Music and Emotion | Music & AI | Algorithmic Music | Music for Marketing | Music for Brands | Brand Experience | Retail Innovation | Automotive Marketing.

Experiencing Brands in the Digital Age – Engage, Personalise, Impact through Brand-Fit Music – Technology & Emotions – AI & Creativity – Multi-Sensory Experiences – The Future of Retail – Point of Sales turns into Point of Experience – Audio Branding for the Automotive Industry.

Topics For Talks:
The Future of Audio Branding * Choosing the Right Music for your Brand with AI * DJ robot kills the shuffle mode: How AI can help you win the Brand Battlefield * The Future of Retail: Technology & Emotions as Key for Memorable Customer Experiences.

Talk summary: Brands are shifting from product-centric to customer-centric, from efficiency to flexibility, from optimisation to inspiration. But what role do big data, algorithms, analytics and other AI and tech innovations play in creating customer experiences that are engaging, personalised and impactful? In a digital economy that increasingly demands for creativity and technology to harmoniously and effectively coexist, HearDis! is the Audio Branding pioneer that – at the intersection of Music, Marketing and Artificial Intelligence – possesses the necessary know-how and assets to boost brands’ creative endeavours in delivering singular experiences beyond current imagining.