Julian Vogels

Founder and CTO of Soundbrenner.

Julian is founder & CTO of Soundbrenner.

Soundbrenner is solving universal problems of musicians by applying great design and new technology to an integrated hardware/software solution comprised of mobile apps and music tools built into a smartwatch.

I hold a Master in Music Technology from McGill University Montréal, where I specialized in musical instrument design. Originally I am from Southern Germany and speak German, English and French fluently.

Based in:

Area Of Expertise:
Musical Instrument Design – IoT – Wearables – Smartwatch – Manufacturing – China – Hong Kong – Mobile Apps – Startup –  Interface Design –  Human Computer Interaction in Music – Consumer Electronics – Music Industry – Bluetooth – MIDI – Network Synchronization.

Hardware Manufacturing | Internet of Things (IoT) | Digitalization of the Music Industry | Interface Design: How to design instruments that stick around.

Topics for Talks:
Digital Musical Instrument Design * Soundbrenner’s Founder Journey.