pianini makes learning music more fun, interesting, and accessible for young children.

Fun and games: The pianini app is a music learning game for children aged 4-9 with a focus on piano. Exciting and fun tasks motivate the kids to keep playing through the curriculum. In the process, the children learn new music knowledge in a fun and playful way.

Comprehensive and in-depth music education: pianini offers a unique combination of play and in-depth, classical music education in the areas of piano playing, rhythm and ear training, and music theory. The structure of the curriculum includes all the learning content that is asked for in music exams by ABRSM (Examination Board of the Royal Schools of Music in England). Parents and teachers stay informed about children’s playing intensity and progress via the “Parent/Teacher Cockpit”.

Innovation and future: Key technical elements of the app are the music recognition software, which pianini licenses from the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology, the “Content Creation System” for easy modification of learning content, and the “Curriculum Editor” for quick adaptation of the curriculum.

In the future, the use of artificial intelligence is to be used to respond even better to the individual abilities and talents of children.


Area of expertise: Music education, Storytelling, Artificial Intelligence, Music Recognition, Piano, App development

Location: Berlin

Representative in the association: Maia Wiest

Homepage: https://www.pianini.app

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