Mimi is the world’s leading company in sound personalization for an optimized listening and hearing experience. More than 1.2 million people have already downloaded Mimi’s apps – Mimi Hearing Test and Mimi Music. The Mimi Hearing Test app allows users to determine their own hearing abilities in an easy and intuitive way. All they need is a smartphone, headphones and quiet surroundings. The Mimi Music app (Android & iOS) employs a second technology, which ensures sound is personalized, leading to an optimized music listening experience. Mimi’s patented technology is now being integrated by global audio brands into their products and solutions, such as beyerdynamic’s award-winning Aventho wireless headphone with Mimi’s Sound Personalization.

Mimi’s digital health vision was born in Berlin in 2013. The team of 40 hearing specialists have perfected the sound personalisation technology in close cooperation with the Berlin-based Charité, one of the largest university hospitals in Europe. In addition, Mimi’s iOS apps are medically certified in Europe (CE). “Mimi’s sound personalization encourages many users to lower the volume while listening. We know that hearing damage can be prevented when the peak volume is minimized. Thus, our technology contributes to a healthier hearing lifestyle,” says Dr. Henrik Matthies, Managing Director Mimi Hearing Technologies GmbH.

The high quality of the results achieved with the two Mimi apps and the integration of Mimi into hardware and software has been endorsed in comparative tests and by specialist industry media.

Location: Berlin
Field of expertise: sound personalization, hearing technology
Company representative: Henrik Matheis
Homepage: https://business.mimi.io/