make music & collaborate worldwide

klaep is an app-based social network for musicians and singers in which every user can record, edit and publish their own musical ideas and collaborate with other users worldwide in split-screen videos (ReJam). All published works can be viewed, commented on and rated, so that pure music listeners also enjoy added value.

klaep was founded in 2021 by two friends, Philip Haberstroh and Tobias Lygren, who are both musicians at heart and have known each other since fifth grade. After their studies and several professional years in Berlin, London, Karlsruhe and Silicon Valley, they found their way back to Germany and founded klaep.

klaep aims to become the largest and most important social network for musicians, singers and music enthusiasts worldwide, with the possibility to collaborate, publish and promote music and interact with labels and music publishers, reach fans and participate in events.

Area of expertise: Social Music Video-Collaboration App

Location: Freiburg

Organization’s representative: Philip Haberstroh


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