Martin Blum, Paul Mattukat and Simon Brzoska believe that digital tools make musicians better. To be more precise, they have specialised in the topic of intonation and ensure clean tones! In 2021, the company behind it was founded, which could be built up with the help of the EXIST-Gründerstipendium.

Intonica” is a training software based on an auditory learning concept. Digital musical notes combined with professionally recorded musical accompaniment create the perfect training environment. In addition, various methods and exercises from music lessons have been digitalised so that, in addition to instrumental lessons, training can also be done at home, independent of time and place. This makes practising more fun and significantly faster progress possible.

Since music is an international language, Intonica addresses a worldwide market. Especially in the Asian region there are many ambitious instrumentalists. Intonica can be used by string and wind instrumentalists as well as for singing.

Area of expertise: EdTech, e-Learning, Musical training

Location: Rostock

Representative in the association: Simon Brzoska