doozzoo is a platform for online music lessons and hybrid music teaching and is used equally by music teachers, music schools and music colleges.

As an all-in-one solution, doozzoo optimises all music teaching workflows from teaching to practising. With the excellent sound transmission, even the finest nuances are audible. The teaching material can be accessed at any time through the cloud-based media library and is stored securely. With one click, notes are displayed, the metronome is started or audio is played remotely on the learner’s computer – without additional software. Thanks to the unique local latency compensation, time-based (rhythm) lessons can also be conducted online.

Already in 2017, doozzoo was founded by studied musicians, software developers and education experts. Since 2021, doozzoo has been part of the C. Bechstein digital strategy. In the future, topics such as playing analysis, learning support as well as real-time music making via the internet will play an important role in the further development. The team is pursuing the vision of using innovative technologies to facilitate access to musical education and collaboration for music enthusiasts around the world.

Area of expertise: Digital solutions for online music teaching and hybrid music teaching

Location: Berlin

Representative in the association: Thomas Gier


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