Amke Block is owner of consulting service, has more than 25 years of experience in the music business, and is focussing on the digital transformation of the music, media and entertainment industry for more than 20 years now, ranging from business development, to Senior C** level Management, Sales, Marketing, and Consulting, covering (blockchain) use-case development, metadata handling, rights management, distribution, technology, and governmental organizations.

About is a consultancy service founded in 2001 by Amke Block. We are supporting companies and organizations in the music & media business to implement digital strategies. We develop digital products and manage digital projects. We also do comprehensive market research & feasibility studies for solid business development.

We connect traditional music business with technology – one creativity with the other.

We build bridges between industries that need to work with each other in a globalized & digitized world, but come from different cultures and therefore often don’t understand each other. Our customers include GEMA, BVMI, VUT,  DMV, City of Berlin, City of Dortmund, City of Hamburg, numerous media companies, publishers, independent labels, and conferences such as Popkomm, Eurosonic and the Reeperbahn Festival.

Ort: Hamburg
Spezialgebiet: Consulting, Digital Transformation, Business Development, Rights Management, Blockchain
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